This organisation was formed to encourage athletes of the different age group to get involved in wrestling. Wrestling lets you improve your fitness and core strength. We have a family atmosphere, so you will always feel comfortable practising.

Wrestling is a very old sport. This physical hand-to-hand fight has been the oldest Olympic sports. The concept of the game is very simple. Two men or women compete until one is declared as a winner. The wrestling techniques have become more sophisticated over the years. The person with the better technique, fitness and strength win the game.

Types of wrestling

There are three types of disciplines: Lucha, Greco-Roman and Freestyle.
Lucha comes from the Guanche people who originally inhabited the islands.
There is much freedom in the Freestyle wrestling. In this type of wrestling, the competitors can use their legs too along with the arms and body. They can take control of their opponents anywhere.


We arrange various sporting events throughout the year. There are regional, national and international competitions. Besides these competitions, a number of programs are held to help the athletes improve their performance. There are coaching programs for men and women of various age categories. The coaching is conducted by experienced athletes. These programs create a wonderful opportunity to learn the game in the proper manner.

This sport is inexpensive. Unlike other sports, you don’t need any expensive gears. It is a great way to build personal confidence. We emphasise on the participation of women in wrestling. So, if you are interested in wrestling, take part in the various events that take place throughout the year.

For some interesting information about Lucha, take a look at the Wikipedia page.

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