Lucha Canaria La Palma is a Canary Islands based wrestling organization and federation in La Palma. We organize wrestling events and competitions. The organization was formed in 1985. We coordinate wrestling program sin the nation and help to boost the interest and participation in these wrestling programs. The events provide opportunities for young and adult wrestlers to get an understanding of the international styles of wrestling and other styles that are practiced across the Canary Islands.

We have more than 15,000 members. Among the members, there are athletes of all ages. The coaches and officials also join various events to strengthen wrestling in the Canary Islands. The organization helps to improve the sport from the grassroots level.

Every year, we have more than 100 local and regional competitions. The competitions prepare Canarian wrestlers to prepare for the international world. Many wrestlers who have been our member have participated in games like Olympic as well. If you are interested in wrestling, then join our organization today. The events and competitions we held every year will help to improve the performance of the wrestlers.